The Way of the Snake
film, in development, with the support of Comune di Cocullo (It)        

The way of the snake is a film research project, both documentary and experimental, which looks at the figure of the snake and its “evasive” path. By following Christian hunters from Cocullo in Italy, the work of herpetologists in Rome and in the south of France, The way of the snake questions certain fortuitous and rare encounters between man and animal and attempts to discover, by immersing itself in the biology of the animal and putting itself on its level, what its appearance reveals: a warning from the earth, an interspecific alliance, a healing.
The film draws on Bruno Latour and Donna J. Haraway’s concept of connection to the earth (Earthbound) to show the snake as the emissary of earthly secrets and invites us to walk closer to the ground, to listen more carefully the signs of its furrow.

stills, The way of the snake © Constantin Jopeck